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            What is the good way to purchase auto parts?

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            1、 See if the trademark is complete. The outer packing of authentic products is of good quality, the handwriting on the packing box is clear, and the overprint color is bright. The packaging box and bag should be marked with the product name, specification, model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name, address and telephone number, etc. some manufacturers also make their own marks on the accessories. Some important parts, such as generator, distributor and fuel injection pump, are also equipped with operation manual, certificate and inspector's seal to guide users to use and maintain correctly. When you buy, you should recognize it carefully to prevent you from buying fake and shoddy products.

            2、 See if the geometry is deformed. Some parts are easy to deform due to improper manufacture, transportation and storage. During the inspection, the shaft parts can be rolled around the glass plate to see whether there is light leakage at the joint between the parts and the glass plate to judge whether they are bent; when selecting clutch driven plate steel plate or friction plate, the steel plate and friction plate can be raised in front of your eyes to observe whether they are warped; when selecting oil seal, the end face of oil seal with framework should be in a normal circle, which can fit with flat glass without bending; when selecting oil seal without framework, the outer surface of oil seal should be smooth The edge should be straight, and it should be deformed by hand. It should be able to return to its original state after releasing. In the purchase of various types of gasket, also pay attention to check the geometric size and shape.

            3、 See if the joint is smooth. During the transportation and storage of spare parts, due to vibration and collision, burr, indentation, damage or crack often occur at the joint, which affects the use of parts. Pay attention to the inspection when purchasing.

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