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            Development of complete vehicle and accessories in automobile industry

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            First of all, the domestic auto parts enterprises in the national policy support, should work hard, can not be satisfied with the status quo. In product development, increase strength, expand and vehicle support, unswervingly move forward, otherwise it may be swallowed up by foreign enterprises. Secondly, foreign parts products have low risk and guaranteed quality, so domestic vehicle enterprises will purchase a large number of them. Therefore, domestic parts enterprises should also control their own management and quality, otherwise, others will not dare to use your products.

            From traditional parts to new energy key parts, the conclusion is the same, otherwise the key parts are occupied by foreign investment, and then to imitate others will have a very negative impact on their own development, so the quality of products is very important. For the development of wearing parts filter, brake pad industry, in a certain period of time, the level of domestic enterprises is very good, especially the filter industry. China's car ownership continues to rise, so the market of consumables is also very large. There are no problems in the manufacturing cost and R &amp; D level. We need to pay more attention to the quality, and make good use of our advantages and quality to let users rest assured.

            In 2011, the overall development trend of China's automobile industry is still optimistic, with a growth rate of about 10%. But there are also some unfavorable factors. For example, the preferential policies in 2010 will be cancelled at the end of the year, while the housing and stock markets are not very good. Therefore, some people are afraid of policy changes, buying cars suddenly or even hoarding cars, which will lead to a 30% - 40% growth in 2010. Objectively speaking, the development of China's automobile industry in 2011 will be more rational. If the annual growth rate is 30% - 50%, it is not reasonable. If the development is too fast, there will be some unexpected problems, and the enterprises should gradually move towards normalization and rationalization.

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